What is a brand?

Before I tell you what a brand, I want us to do a small exercise. I will mention some companies name and, you can think of any concept, icon or visual they represent. Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, Samsung, Starbucks, CNN, Netflix, Nike, Safaricom, Tech4Soup.  

I know when I mentioned Coca-Cola some people have visualized a soft drink; others have visualized a moment in time they were with friends or family sharing different emotion. I know you will visualize all the above expect one tech4soap. For those who love googling, you might be now browsing Google a company that I mention above. Don’t stress yourself Tech4soap is a name I have to auto-generate from Namemesh a domain name search company. If I would register the brand today and present it to, you will still not know it.  

A brand is what people perceive and say about you. It is what distinguishes one seller or business from another. I think the way Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon said it is even better “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

A brand is not 

A trademark- A trademark is the legal properties of a brand.

A brand isn’t a subset of advertising. 

A brand isn’t your logo. 

A mission statement will just remind people about you.

The products- these are just the Deliverables. 

If you are to plan for one year focus on sales, and if you are to plan for three years, you’re your marketing channels and if you are planning for decades, grow a brand.

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